Afloat maintenance

The general maintenance of your boat is managed by DECKSIDE.

At the boaters’ service for more than 20 years, we will submit to you several general maintenance quote for you boat according to your needs and expectations

Check out our technical services below : Antifouling, Polishing and Maintenance.

Wether your boat is in Alpes-Maritimes (06) or Var (83), we will take care of your boat.

Afloat maintenance is an excellent means for guaranteeing the best maintenance for your boat. Let an experimented professional take care of your boat and we guarantee youa both regular and efficientmaintenance for your new or second-hand boat.

Our goal is crytstal clear : we will guarentee that maintenance of your boat all your long so you can enjoy all of your boat’s benefits when you want to.

Deckside’s daily security inspection

Depending onthe type of Deckside contract you chose, many examination are organized every month on your boat

As soon as something ofimportance is identified, you will systematically informed and a quote will be submitted to you so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our professional network, we can intervene ourselves on your boat and/or have intervene specialized craftmen in needed.

What we examine during our daily inspections :

  • 220V control
  • Battery charger control
  • Battery level monitoring, services and group.
  • Motor oil and liquid coolant level check
  • Inspection of the engine compartment.
  • Start-up of the water circuit
  • Start-up of the electric accessories ( Air conditionning, toilets, refrigérateur etc.)
  • Start-up of the motors and generator.
  • Boat and accessories ventilation ( pillows etc.)
  • Regular control of the fenders as well as the mooring equipment.

Fairing maintenance, antifouling and Polishing.

Deckside also takes care of your motor boat and we perform :

  • the organization of the water outlets with assistance ( Roundtrip conveyance, date and parking space reservation)
  • Fairing (Hull antifouling and polishing + superstructure)
    • tender serviceand winterazation
    • life raft and extinguishers service

We also can organize the entirety of the following services (which you might need in the future) :

  • -Complete mechanical revision of the motors and of the power generator.
  • -Hydraulic, electrical ,electronic intervention

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